Sean Jones


Sean Jones

Founder / Executive Director

In 1989, I embarked on a remarkable journey as a video editor, quickly discovering my talent in the mesmerizing world of visual effects. This path allowed me to contribute to over 100 captivating TV commercials and shows, where my passion for storytelling flourished. Each project became a canvas to captivate audiences and spark their imaginations.

My creativity soon ventured into the digital realm, where I designed and developed more than 570 websites and orchestrated successful marketing campaigns for over 150 companies. These experiences honed my skills and solidified my reputation as an innovative marketer and creative director. The pinnacle of my journey was the creation of Born To Be Wealthy, a visionary personal development company dedicated to empowering children. Through Spiritual, Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, and Financial Wealth, we inspire and equip children worldwide to live their best lives.

Recognizing the challenges faced by children in less fortunate countries, I founded the Born To Be Wealthy Foundation. This non-profit organization extends the core principles of Born To Be Wealthy Inc. by providing educational scholarships, healthcare, medical and dental support, school supplies, and other programs designed to prepare children for success. Additionally, I launched Born To Be Wealthy Boutique (an apparel brand), StoryTime Publishing (a children’s publishing platform), Sales Systems R Us (a communication systems software company), and Unbeatable ROI (a video production company for the government).

All were created with a purpose-driven mission to support the overarching vision of the Born To Be Wealthy family. As a visionary and creator, my dedication lies in using my talents, hard work, and passion to shape industries and support children from all walks of life. My mission is to nurture the potential of every child, fostering growth and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Together, we strive to create a brighter, more prosperous future for children around the world.


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