Jean Asis

Jean Asis

Executive Board Member | Director Of Operations


Jean Asis is an integral member of the Born To Be Wealthy Foundation’s Executive team, serving as the Director of Operations. She brings exceptional organizational skills and strategic insight to the role, managing all backend operations that ensure seamless internal and external communications across the foundation’s technical team. Her efforts are pivotal in refining the organization’s voice, shaping cohesive messaging that resonates with key stakeholders and partners.

Jean leads marketing outreach that strategically aligns with the foundation’s primary focus areas: Health Literacy, Medical and Dental Care, Food Services, Financial Literacy, and Opportunity Creation. She designs and implements comprehensive strategies to amplify the organization’s impact in these vital areas, ensuring that messages reach the intended audiences and inspire meaningful engagement.

Her dedication to operational excellence ensures that all technical systems run smoothly, facilitating efficient collaboration and effective communication within the team. Jean’s keen understanding of the foundation’s mission allows her to guide technical processes that enhance the visibility of transformative initiatives, foster greater collaboration, and promote a shared vision of holistic wealth. Her meticulous approach to managing complex systems has been instrumental in streamlining the organization’s outreach efforts, maximizing its global impact.


Director of Operations
Project Manager


Client Management90%
Relationship Management80%
Systems Management90%