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Where it all began

Founder's Journey

Every great voyage begins with a single, purposeful step. Born To Be Wealthy Foundation was founded in 2015 but fully opened its doors in 2023, my journey started many years ago, always looking to help others.


The scope of my journey grew, and I found myself personally supporting 28 children and 16 families, illuminating paths with healthcare, education, and the basic necessities of a dignified life.

As I entered 2023, it became clear to me: in order to uplift more souls, to give aid that reaches the world, I needed a community of like-minded hearts and hands. It was from this revelation that the Born To Be Wealthy non-profit Foundation was born, to join the ranks of those who believe in a world where all children can truly have an abundant life if they are given the proper resources and opportunity to do so.


Our Foundation is a living, breathing embodiment of the core values held dear by our primary Born To Be Wealthy family, where the seeds of Spiritual, Mental, Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, and Financial well-being are sown into the minds of our youth.


Our mission? To empower the under-resourced, to provide a ladder for those who dare to climb, and to craft programs that don’t just change lives but magnify them.


Today, I extend an invitation to you, to become part of this transformative journey. Together, let us kindle the flame of potential in every child and family. Join us, and be a light in the Born To Be Wealthy family of change. Let’s create a legacy of life wealth in building character and community.


Sean R Jones



Tackling Poverty

Our Foundation is dedicated to bridging the wealth gap by empowering underserved communities with resources and education, aiming to eradicate generational poverty.

Make Big Impact

We stand as a beacon of hope for underprivileged children, offering transformative opportunities that pave the way for a brighter, boundless future.

Unite The Society

Fostering unity by bridging divides, bringing communities together through shared goals of education, empowerment, and equitable opportunity for all.

Born To Be Wealthy Foundation give monthly t-shirt mockup of two siblings in a camper van holding a globe

Our Value

Educate & Equip

At the very core of our mission lies education. We believe every child deserves a chance to be equipped with knowledge, tools, and resources. Our dedication begins with not only ensuring that children have access to quality education, but also that they have the essential school supplies to facilitate their learning process. This stage is all about laying the groundwork.

Heal & Nourish

As we cultivate young minds, we recognize that a child’s health and well-being directly impact their ability to learn and thrive. By providing medical and dental care, we are ensuring that every child can concentrate on their studies without the burden of untreated ailments. Similarly, by promoting nutrition, we aim to nurture not just their minds, but their bodies too.

Foster & Flourish

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate an environment where children are poised for future growth. By laying strong foundations now, we’re setting them up for success in the future. Through mentorship, skill-building workshops, and community engagement activities, we’re not just preparing them for the challenges ahead, but also nurturing them into responsible and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.


Where the money goes

At Born to Be Wealthy Foundation, every dollar is meticulously allocated to impactful programs and initiatives, ensuring the maximization of change for underprivileged communities.

We prioritize transparency and accountability, ensuring every donation directly fuels impactful change and is stewarded with the utmost integrity.

History About Us

Born To Be Wealthy Foundation, about our organization, mother and children are playing together

Born To Be Wealthy Foundation was founded in 2015, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children and single-parent households. Its mission encompasses supporting children, single parents, and young individuals in various aspects of life, from nutrition and healthcare to education and empowerment. Here’s a detailed overview of each program:

  1. Food Program for Children & Single Parents: This initiative aims to ensure that children and single parents have access to nutritious meals. It addresses food insecurity by providing regular, healthy food options to families in need, helping to lay a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Medical & Dental Care Program for Children: Recognizing the importance of early and preventive healthcare, this program offers free or subsidized medical and dental services to children. It covers regular check-ups, vaccinations, and treatments for common childhood illnesses, as well as dental care, to promote overall health and well-being.
  3. Educational Funding: With a focus on breaking the cycle of poverty, this program provides scholarships, grants, and other financial support to children and young adults. It aims to make education more accessible and affordable, covering expenses from primary school up to higher education, including vocational training.

4. Birthday & Holiday Gifts for Children:  To bring joy and a sense of normalcy to underprivileged children, this program ensures that kids receive gifts during significant occasions like birthdays and holidays. It’s a gesture that aims to make them feel valued and included, fostering positive childhood experiences.

5. Empowerment Program:  This initiative focuses on building self-esteem and leadership skills among children and young adults. Through workshops, mentoring, and community service projects, participants are encouraged to develop their potential, make positive choices, and contribute to their communities.

6. Health & Nutrition for Children & Single Parents:  Extending beyond food security, this program offers comprehensive education on healthy eating habits, physical activity, and mental health support for both children and single parents. It aims to cultivate a holistic approach to health and wellness in family units.

7. Kids Can Change the World Program:  Inspiring social responsibility and global citizenship from a young age, this program aims to instill a lifelong commitment to social responsibility in children. We’re not just nurturing generosity; we’re building a generation of philanthropists and leaders who will continue to drive positive change in the world.

8. Young Achiever Program: Designed to recognize and nurture the talents of young individuals, this program offers mentorship, resources, and opportunities to excel in various fields, including academics, arts, and sports. It celebrates achievements and provides a platform for young achievers to inspire their peers.

Together, these Born to Be Wealthy foundation programs are crafted to provide holistic support, addressing the physical, educational, and emotional needs of children and single parents. 


Want to get involved?

Join Born to Be Wealthy Foundation by volunteering, donating, or participating in our community programs, and be a part of the movement towards a more equitable future.

GIVE Monthly

At Born to Be Wealthy Foundation, giving transcends monetary contributions, encompassing time, expertise, and shared vision to foster a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow.


As a strategic partner with the Born to Be Wealthy Foundation, you become a pivotal ally in our mission, directly facilitating transformative opportunities for those in need.


At  Born to Be Wealthy Foundation, trust is our cornerstone, ensuring every action, partnership, and initiative is transparent and aligned with our mission to uplift and empower.