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Our members at Born To Be Wealthy Foundation are passionate advocates, tirelessly working to uplift underprivileged children and ensure they have the resources and guidance to achieve financial stability and success.

Sean Jones


Jenny R. Lagang

Executive Board Member | Creative Director

Jean Asis

Director of Operations

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At Born To Be Wealthy Foundation, we have an unwavering commitment to reaching and uplifting an ever-growing number of children, ensuring they have the tools and support to thrive.

Born To Be Wealthy Foundation

Born To Be Wealthy Foundation is dedicated to empowering children with the knowledge and resources they need to secure a financially stable future, ensuring every child recognizes and realizes their inherent potential for prosperity.

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Want to make a difference? At Born To Be Wealthy Foundation, your involvement can directly transform the lives of children, guiding them towards a future filled with financial empowerment and endless possibilities.